Chamber of Trade and Crafts Luxembourg

The Chamber of Trades of Luxembourg is the professional organization competent in the field of crafts. It brings together all the craft companies in Luxembourg, more than 120 local jobs and trades, listed in professional fields as diversified as food, trades related to communication, multimedia and entertainment, in the field of fashion, health and hygiene, mechanics and construction and various craft activities.

The Chamber of Trades represents more than 7,000 companies, or 22% of companies in Luxembourg.

The Chamber of Trades of Luxembourg takes care to preserve and develop the craft industry in Luxembourg. She is in charge of:

Vocational training in craft trades to preserve and develop craftsmanship
to lay down the legislative framework and define the regulation around crafts trades in order to preserve its know-how but in parallel to innovate
to advise, inform, ..

You will find in the Chamber of Trades all the information on the creation of business, and seminars for entrepreneurs: business management, languages, technology, etc., apprenticeship and continuing training related to the trades of the crafts and crafts professions.

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Categorie(s):   Continuous education Work regulation

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