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Chamber of commerce de Luxembourg

The Chamber of Commerce supports and guides Luxembourgish businesses in their domestic, European and international development. It carries out economic trends analyses and offers its services to its members, as well as any person interested in developing a commercial activity.

Withal, the Chamber of Commerce provides training opportunities through the “House of Training”.

LSC – Luxembourg School for Commerce / House of Training

he Luxembourg School for Commerce (LSC) is the Chamber of Commerce training body.

It is structured around three major areas:

  • initial professional training,
  • continued professional training,
  • university training.

The LSC training courses are targeted at employees as well as employers and address the changes in legislation as well as current events. Courses are offered in different formats: seminars, evening and day classes and conferences. The majority of courses are held in French although some might be presented in German or English.

The LSC also features continued training on various subjects (economics, marketing, law, tax, …), as well as a Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation proposed in association with Luxembourg University. Registration online.

More information on LSC: see House of Training website.

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