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Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg

The Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg is a public institution that supports and guides all Luxembourgish companies except those related to crafts and agriculture, in their development at national, European and international level. The Chamber of Commerce represents 75% of all paid employment in Luxembourg and 80% of Luxembourg’s GDP.

It provides business analysis and services to its more than 90,000 affiliated companies and to anyone interested in doing business. It is the most important professional chamber in the country.

The Chamber of Commerce can intervene in the legislation of the country by issuing opinions. It aims at promoting entrepreneurship, the creation and development of companies in the country as well as supporting business and trade relations with foreign countries.

The magazine of the Chamber of Commerce is Merkur, sent every 2 months, published in more than 35,000 copies. Read Merkur on the website of the Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber of Commerce brings together its training activities within the Luxembourg School for Commerce.

House of Training / LSC – Luxembourg School for Commerce and IFBL

The House of Training is the training body born from the merger of the Luxembourg School for Commerce (LSC), training body of the Chamber of Commerce, and the IFBL, training organisation of the Luxembourg Bankers’ Association.

The House of Training offers 3 main training offers:

  • initial vocational training,
  • continuing vocational training,
  • university level education.

The training offer of the House of Training targets both employees and employers and adapts to changes in legislation and news to meet the needs of the Luxembourgish market. Its 700 courses have different formats: seminars, day classes, evening classes and conferences. The main language is French, but some conferences and courses are in German or English.

In addition to continuing education in various disciplines (economics, marketing, law, tax, etc.), a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is offered in collaboration with the University of Luxembourg. All registrations are online.

More information on LSC: see House of Training website.

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