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Trois CL dance centre Luxembourg

Located in Luxembourg-Bonnevoie, the TROIS C-L pursues multiple missions : it supports artistic productions, it coordinates contemporary dance projects, it functions as a long-learning danse education center. Thanks to this different actions the TROIS C-L works to raise public awarness about contemporary danse. Founded in 1994, TROIS C-L is the country’s leading organisation for contemporary dance.

It fulfils several roles on a nationalwide basis : supporting and producing artistic work, developing a contemporary dance network, providing continuig professional training and reising awareness among the general public of contemporary dance.

That’s also why on the third of each month, TROIS C-L organises the « 3 du TROIS », an outstanding culturel event with a multidisciplinary artistic programme.

Furthermore, TROIS C-L proposes amateur dance workshops and courses for the public (details, times and prices on the website).

Le “3 du TROIS”: a monthly meeting about choreographic art

On the 3rd of every month, the TROIS C-L organizes the «3 du TROIS», an exceptional cultural event with a resolutely pluridisciplinary artistic program whose objectiv is to explore the relationship between the society and the choreographic art.
For the public, it is a unique opportunity to discover the world of contemporary dance under a different perspective and to exchange with the artists invited.

The 3rd of each month, at 7pm.

The «3 du TROIS» does not require entry fees, it is up to you to determine your exit price according to your appreciation of the evening.
THE “EMERGENCIES”: an annual meeting for contemporary danse creations

Initiated by the TROIS C-L in 2015, “Les Émergences” supports contemporary danse creations as well as a cycle of public performances. The objective of the project is to highlight choreographic talents in the contemporary danse scene in Luxembourg, while creating bridges between young creators and the general public.

Modern danse classes for all tastes and levels

The TROIS C-L also offers, throughout the year, contemporary danse classes and stages given by choreographers from all over Europe. Built around various choreographic languages, they are aimed at the general public and / or advanced learners who want to deepen their approach to movement.
You will inevitably find your cup of tea!
More info about the program.

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