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The website Caritas-Luxembourg aims to support many projects to help citizens. By visiting it, you will be able to get a clear overview of the various solidarity actions in Luxembourg. Financial donations, donations of equipment, volunteering, legacy, … then you choose yours!
Caritas Luxembourg works at all levels: financial support for people in distress, integration assistance for foreign newcomers, implementation of the concept of “solidarity gifts”, help for children with a learning disability or the homeless, setting up social grocery stores … and many other things are supported by the charity Caritas!
To help you learn more about its different actions, the site offers a detailed explanation of each project in progress and its challenges! You will also find a very comprehensive agenda listing many solidarity events organized in Luxembourg.

Caritas recruits volunteers to help in its mission and recovers clothes and other objects for its works.

See also our page dedicated to social integration associations.

Young Caritas Holiday Service

The holiday service of Caritas Jeunes et Famille asbl (Caritas Youth and Family) organises holiday camps.

The activities are open to all, regardless of the parents’ income, the child’s origins or possibly his / her disability.

Colonies in Luxembourg, Spain, the Netherlands, France, …

From 4 to 17 years old.

Contact : 20, r. de Contern L-5955 Itzig
+352 36 74 68

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  • 29, r. Michel Welter
    2730 Luxembourg-Gare

  • +352 40 21 31 - 1