Campus Vauban, nursery, primary and secondary school

Campus Vauban is a private educational institution in Luxembourg, approved by the French Ministry of Education. It is part of the AEFE network of schools teaching French abroad. The programs followed by the students comply with the French requirements and prepare the diplomas for French education.

Thanks to a competent and attentive team, the school offers a personalized follow-up of all its students and is committed to establishing a relationship of trust with their parents.

The French Campus Vauban includes the nursery school, primary school, secondary school and high school, has been situated in the new neigborhood of Ban de Gasperich in Luxembourg-Gasperich since the start of the school year 2017. It was before located in Limpertsberg.

French nursery and primary School

The French preschool and primary school welcomes the children from 3 (from the first year of nursery school) to 11 years old (5th and last year of primary school in France). The teaching of German starts during the last year of preschool.

The French school is approved by the French Ministry of National Education.

French college and Lycée Vauban

The Lycée Français Vauban is also approved by the French Ministry of Education. It welcomes the children from 11 to 18 years old, from the end of the primary school to prepare them for the Brevet des Collèges and the French Baccalauréat (equivalent to the A-Levels) exams.

The 2017 bac pass rate was 100% in all sections of the bin: ES, L, S and STMG.

Language Learning, International ane european sections

At Lycée Vauban, languages ​​are at the heart of the concerns of the teaching team. In this establishment, learning foreign languages ​​such as German, Italian, Chinese or Spanish occupies a central place. The school prepares for Cambridge, Goethe or Cervantes certifications.

The school offers a European section (British and German) accessible from the second class. The diploma of the baccalaureate will be annotated “European section” with indication of the language.

The international section (British and German) is accessible from the 5th class or the second class. The French baccalaureate then has an option OIB with mention of the language. The German Ministry of Education issues the Abitur to students of the Germanic OIB.

Registration in Vauban and open day

To register at Lycée Vauban, an online pre-registration is required for all students from February for the next school year.

Attention: For students from a different school system, an entrance test is mandatory. The 5th year students of the Luxembourg school system can apply for entry in the 6th year of French high school. The children will be invited to come for entrance tests on several subjects. These tests are based on the National Education program in the years from CM2 (last year of primary) to sixth (first year of secondary).

During its spring open day, Lycée Vauban not only presents its premises and study programs, but also allows students and their parents to meet professors and students, to attend experiments or observe work done by students. The open doors also allow you to learn about the various registration procedures.

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