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Bo concept, Danish design furniture Luxembourg

BoConcept was born in Denmark in 1952, and is today a premium retail lifestyle brand, with close to three hundred stores in over sixty countries. We design, produce and sell contemporary furniture, accessories and lighting for living, dining, sleeping, home-office and outdoor spaces. We also help our customers create a personal home with our comprehensive in-home or store interior design service.

Danish design since1952

In a sleepy town in 1950s Denmark, a pair of young cabinetmakers stand at the entrance of their new factory. They’re proud. The space may be modest in size but it is perfectly formed; all painstakingly built by their hands.

Just two years earlier, Jens Ærthøj and Tage Mølholm began their furniture business in the hot summer of 1952. Then, their only company was skill and youthful determination. Now, they are walking in with four employees, a growing list of orders and the satisfaction of a pursued ambition: to introduce quality Danish furniture to a broader audience.

Meeting that demand while maintaining such high standards of quality required a pioneering spirit. They would have to combine their traditional craftsmanship with Denmark’s wave of late industrialisation. Machines were now more affordable, efficient and accurate. Investing wisely would speed up production and keep costs low, without compromising the quality the customers loved.

Jens and Tage stood on the principles that made Danish design admired around the world. Simplicity, craftsmanship, elegant functionality and quality materials. That year, those values were seen in the smooth movement of the company’s popular extendable teak dining table. While their belief in the pared-down aesthetic of Danish Functionalism would be brought to life in the accompanying dining chair, designed by architect, Arne Wahl.

Joining those tenets with Jens and Tage’s innate business acumen, was a recipe for well-crafted success. Just eight years later, they moved to a new 1300 square metre premises. There, the company grew, evolving from manufacturer to retail chain. From a small firm to Denmark’s biggest and most global furniture brand, with close to 300 stores in over 60 countries – and counting.

Our headquarters sit on the same location we acquired in 1962 – an analogy to the brand: design excellence rooted in heritage with a keen eye to the future. It’s how Jens and Tage worked then. It’s how we always will.

Social and environmental responsability

One of the core values at BoConcept is respect. We want to show respect for our customers by delivering great design and quality at the right price. But not at any price.

All BoConcept suppliers must follow our code of conduct in order to ensure that all our products are manufactured in a manner that respects the rights of their employees. Our head office is based in Denmark and we apply our Danish background in our expectations to our suppliers when it comes to quality, environment and work processes.

Over 60 years of experience and know-how provide invaluable benefits for our production facility in Denmark as well as in our close co-operation with our global suppliers. We have carefully selected suppliers that share our commitment to high quality. Together, we work to develop competencies and processes, and to implement initiatives that take responsibility for people and the environment.

In general terms our ambition is to manufacture products with as little impact on the environment as possible. We continuously strive to make environmental improvements in the production of our products as well as the logistical processes involved in delivering BoConcept products to customers, thereby making sure that the effects of our business leave as little footprint on the global environment as possible.

Code of conduct

All BoConcept suppliers must follow a code of conduct in order to ensure that all BoConcept products are manufactured in a manner that respects the rights of their employees.

The purpose of the code of conduct is to ensure that BoConcept suppliers operate in accordance with internationally recognised standards on human rights, labour and environment. BoConcept adheres to the principles of this code and expects the same of its suppliers. The content is based on relevant ILO (International Labour Organisation) and UN conventions.

The aim of the code of conduct is not to end our business with non-compliant suppliers but to help our suppliers improve their social and environmental standards. BoConcept is therefore willing to work with suppliers to achieve their compliance with this code. However, we will not conduct business with a supplier if compliance with the requirements of the code is deemed impossible. Nor will we conduct business with a supplier engaged in violations of fundamental human rights.


For us at BoConcept, a culture should be built from the inside out. Growth, customer focus and performance have many metrics. But we believe the most important is the satisfaction of our people. The feeling of being empowered to produce our best results. That’s why we have created a set of Values: the foundation of our collective culture – and shared success. We call it The BoConcept Way.

At BoConcept, we believe that our success starts from our people. Each and every one of us, with our varied abilities, strengths and potential.

We believe that uncovering that potential is an everyday process. A journey of individual choices: The day-to-day attitudes we hold. The actions we take. And the habits we form.

It’s only by being mindful of those choices and building on our individual potential, every day, that we can achieve lasting success – together.

At BoConcept, we believe in empowered people, who have…

Individuality by design

BoConcept believes that its designs should never come at a cost to its customers’ individuality or lifestyle. As such, approximately 80-90% of its designs (excl. accessories) can be adapted for either size, colour, material or components. This ethos is epitomised in the brand’s unrivalled selection of over a hundred leather and fabric options. All swatches are available in every store in large 1.4m2 sizes.

Interior design service

To make home restyling easier, BoConcept offers customers its own comprehensive interior design service. All designers are In-house and working solely for BoConcept. Each designer delves into the customer’s specific needs and lifestyle. The designer then takes measurements and develops detailed plans; either in-store or in the customer’s home.

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