Associations of the Italian community

The Italian community in Luxembourg is one of the most strongly represented communities with more than 21,300 citizens in 2017. Many associations, cultural spaces or meeting places are available to nationals and other communities.

Biblioteca Italiana Circolo Culturale e Ricreativo Eugenio Curiel

The Eugenio Curiel Italian Cultural Center offers a library and media library with books and media in Italian in Luxembourg-Hollerich. The Center is also a meeting place for the Italian Community in Luxembourg. Multiple activities including dating organizations, exhibitions, Italian lessons for children, …
Onsite restaurant, Italian cuisine.

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Convivium – Italo-Luxemburg Cultural Association

Founded in 1994, Convivium works to promote Italian culture in Luxembourg through conferences, exhibitions, at an international level. Convivium also founded the Libreria Italiana di Lussemburgo,,

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Società Dante Alighieri

Interested in learning Italian or want to know more about Italian culture? Dante Alighieri organizes Italian language and culture courses of all levels for adults, taught individually or in small groups. It also organizes various events such as cultural aperitifs.

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The association aims to promote, disseminate, produce and organize activities related to Italy. Edit a magazine of the same name.

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Italiani in Lussemburgo

The facebook page has more than 12,000 members and shares events related to the Italian community.

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Would you like to join other communities in Luxembourg? Contact the JAA Club.

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