Belgian and Dutch associations and communities

Belgian and Dutch people are among the most represented foreign communities in Luxembourg with more than 20,000 Belgian nationals and 4,250 people from the Netherlands.

The Belgian community is one of the 3 communities to have developed the most for 5 years, from 17,000 to more than 20,000 nationals. It represents today the 4th largest community in Luxembourg. Let us not forget also the nearly 40,000 Belgian workers who cross the border every day to come and work to Luxembourg bringing their know-how especially in finance. Many Belgians have Luxembourg nationality without having their residence in Luxembourg. Nearly 4% of the population living in Luxembourg City are Belgians. They are also most likely to live in cities close to the Belgian border, like Winseler (23.9% of the population) or Weiswampach (18.7%) among others.

Several associations have been created to gather Belgian and Dutch nationals and promote exchanges with Luxembourg.

Union Royale Belge

The Union Royale Belge is an association created in 1907 that brings together Belgian and Belgian friends located at Rue du Fort Bourbon, Luxembourg-City. Through its business club, it organises networking events to bring together large companies located in the Greater Region.

Vlaamse Club Luxembourg

Since 1980, the Vlaamse Club of Luxembourg has been bringing together native people of Flanders living and working in Luxembourg and the Greater Region, as well as all Flemish speakers and people wishing to know the culture of Flanders.

Many events celebrate the Flemish culture: music, theater, exhibitions, sports and friendly events…

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Amitiés Belgo-luxembourgeoises ABELUX

For more than 30 years, the association Abelux (Amitiés Belgo-Luxembourgeoise) has been working on developing ties between Belgium and Luxembourg through, among other things, conferences or guided tours in both countries.

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Nederlandse Vereniging Luxemburg – Dutch community in Luxembourg

The Nederlandse Vereniging brings together Dutch people in Luxembourg and regularly organises events directly related to Dutch culture such as the King’s Day (National Day on April 27th) or other events whose purpose is to bring together its citizens.

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