Associations and communities of Northern European countries

Luxembourg is a country that welcomes many expatriates for a multicultural society. Communities of Northern European countries are settled in Luxembourg through the Baltic and Scandinavian countries. They now represent nearly 10,000 nationals.

Communities of Baltic countries

Luksemburgi Eesti Selts – Association Luxembourg-Estonia

The Estonian community in Luxembourg represented about 650 people in 2017. The Estonian association organises traditional Estonian events such as the National Day on February 24, fires of Saint John’s Eve on June 23 and Christmas festivities.

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Asociacija Luksemburga Latvija – Association Luxembourg-Latvia

Present in Luxembourg since 2008, this association has bringing together Latvians in Luxembourg (around 675 people in 2017) and to introduce Latvian culture to other communities through cultural events and the celebration of Latvian festivals such as the National Day on November 18th or the Feast of Ligo on June 23rd (summer solstice).

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Lietuviai Luksemburge – Community of Lithuanians in Luxembourg

Lithuanian people were about 900 people in 2017. The National Day is held on February 16, to remember the independence of the Lithuanian state in 1918.

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Communities of Scandinavian countries

FINLUX – Suomalaiset Luxemburgissa – Finnish Community in Luxembourg

The Finnish community has around 1250 representatives in Luxembourg. The purpose of the Finnish-Luxembourg Society is to integrate Finnish nationals by offering them a meeting point.

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Den Danske Forening i Luxembourg – Danish Community in Luxembourg

Danish people were about 1965 nationals in 2017.

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Den Norske Forening i Luxembourg – Norwegian Community in Luxembourg (Warken)

264 people from Norway lived in Luxembourg in 2017.

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Nordic Women’s Club in Luxembourg

Since 1974, the Nordic Women’s Club in Luxembourg has brought together women from the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland) with professional or friendly events.

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