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On 1 January 2018, 12,928 people from Asia lived in Luxembourg, i.e. 2.1% of the total population. Inhabitants of the Asian continent are the biggest community in Luxembourg after European natives.

Among the Asian communities, the Chinese are the most represented with 3,512 inhabitants, the Indians with 1,872 inhabitants, the Syrians with 1,700 representatives, the Iraqis with 898 nationals and the Turks with 815 inhabitants.

Since 2011, the Chinese population has more than doubled while the Indian population has more than tripled. The number of Syrian nationals has increased from 25 in 2011 to 1,700 inhabitants over 6 years

Several associations and cultural centers linked to communities from Asia exist in Luxembourg. A good way to know a little better Asian culture.

Tibetan Cultural Centre

In order to make Tibetan culture known in Luxembourg, the Tibetan Cultural Centre regularly organises events related to Tibetan culture, lectures on Tibetan medicine or astrology, or meditations led by a lama. It also offers courses in Tibetan language or Buddhist philosophy.

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Friends of Korea in Luxembourg

The aim of the Friends of Korea in Luxembourg association is to develop relations between Korea and Luxembourg and to promote Korean culture through various events related to Korean traditions and arts and Korean language and cooking classes.

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Chinese cultural association

The Chinese cultural association in Luxembourg offers Chinese classes and watercolour, calligraphy or Chinese literature courses… to better know Chinese culture.

It also offers trips to China.

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Indian association Luxembourg

The Indian Association in Luxembourg was created in 1991, with the aim of making known to Luxembourgish residents, whatever their community of origin, the Indian culture and history through events, festivals and concerts.

With over 2100 members, the Facebook community is active.

More information: Indian association Luxembourg

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