Anglo-Saxon associations and English-speaking communities

The Anglo-Saxon community is very present in Luxembourg, especially through all English-speaking communities: British, Irish, American, Australian, New Zealand, etc.

Some figures concerning the different nationalities of origin in Luxembourg. In 2018, we count:

  • 5,941 United Kingdom nationals
  • 2.103 United States nationals
  • 1.861 Irish nationals
  • 163 Australian nationals
  • 59 New Zealand nationals

Here are some anglo-saxon associations references.

British Luxembourg Society

Founded in 1947, this association aims at developing relations between Great Britain, the British Empire and Luxembourg. Very active among other things in the time of Margaret Thatcher, the activity of the association was revived because of Brexit to strengthen the existing ties between the 2 nations.

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British Ladies Club of Luxembourg

The British Ladies Club is a club for English-speaking women, who live in Luxembourg in or around, regardless of nationality
The BLC offers countless activities including bridge, knitting, tennis, fitness classes, reading sessions and much more! There also many parents and children’s activities (from babies to teens) along with regular coffee meetings, during the morning or afternoon, for those with or without children.

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The American Luxembourg Society

Founded in 1882, the objective of the American Luxembourg Society is to strenghten the ties between the United States of America and Luxembourg through its nationals, but also with the support of anyone wishing to develop links of friendship between the two countries.

This includes the celebration of major American holidays such as Thanksgiving or the Independence Day.

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Irish Club of Luxembourg

St. Patrick’s Day on March 18, is widely celebrated in Luxembourg not only by the Irish nationals of the Grand Duchy, but also by the whole country which traditionally goes green to celebrate the Patron Saint of Irish people. A great opportunity to join the Irish community in the country’s pubs!


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