Alzette Valley

The Alzette Valley follows the course of the Alzette, one of the 2 main rivers of Luxembourg. Its source is in France, the the Alzette goes through Esch-sur-Alzette in the south of the country, crosses the City of Luxembourg and flows north into the Sûre.

The Valley of the Alzette offers nature lovers charming walks or bike rides.

With children you can go from the Grund in Luxembourg-City, rue Bisserwee, and follow the bike path of ten kilometers along the Alzette to the commune of Hesperange. Stop at the mill near the small bridge (halfway) to have a picnic. The place is very nice .

You will also see Melusine’s sculpture, reinterpreted by Sege Ecker, as well as the Kloutschtergaart, a beautiful terraced garden. Mélusine was the wife of Count Sigefroi, founder of the City of Luxembourg. Half woman, half fish is also entirely part of the legend of the Luxembourg capital. You can see her statue on the banks of the Alzette where she is said to have disappeared in the waves.

For the more sportive ones, you can go in the direction of the north, from Béreldange in the municipality of Walferdange, and follow the bike path 15 to Ettelbrück. These 31 km will take you into the Luxembourg Ardennes. You will come across magnificent castles, including that of Colmar-Berg, residence of the Grand Ducal family.

Don’t want to come back by bike? No problem, you can come back by train to Luxembourg City!

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