ALO – Luxembourgish Speech Therapist Association

Speech-language pathologists are responsible for diagnosing and treating difficulties in written and oral language and expressing themselves for children or adults. The most common disorders presented are lisp, stuttering, speech delays or any other difficulty related to writing or speaking.

The speech therapist profession is regulated in Luxembourg. Speech-language pathologists must have the necessary skills to practice (3 years of studies, bachelor level), with recognition of the original diploma by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, as there is no university for speech therapy in Luxembourg. In addition, the practitioner must have the language skills to practice in Luxembourg with knowledge of the 3 official languages ​​and to be a national of a European country or to be in good standing with immigration.

Consult the Luxembourg Association of Speech-Language Pathologists to find an independent speech therapist or to find out more about speech therapy in Luxembourg.

There is a Speech Therapy Center (Centre de Logopédie) in Strassen, under the supervision of the Ministry of National Education, Childhood and Youth, which deals with children with speech and expression disorders. The children concerned can attend primary Luxembourgish education in this school, before being reintegrated into the normal school system when the disturbances have disappeared. More information here.

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