ALK – Luxembourgish Association of Physiotherapists

To practice in Luxembourg, a physiotherapist must have a state diploma attesting to his abilities to be a masseur-physiotherapist. He can then practice as a liberal or as an employee in a hospital.

As a patient, you can freely choose your practitioner for therapeutic or wellness care. Physiotherapy intervenes for many pathologies that are of muscular origin, respiratory, articular, …

To be covered by your health insurance for the physiotherapy care, the sessions must have been prescribed beforehand by a general practitioner and the prescription must be validated by the CNS. The reimbursement rate is 70% as a rule, except in certain cases where they will be reimbursed at 100%.

For more information on physiotherapy in Luxembourg or to find a physiotherapist visit the general public website.

You are a professional ? Consult the website of the association.

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