ALDO – Luxembourgish Association of Osteopaths

Osteopathy is a medical discipline based on the diagnosis and treatment by a manual approach of people with disorders and physical suffering. The goal is to restore their mobility and physical well-being. This activity is complementary to the classical medical approach and is often confused with physiotherapy.

Today osteopathy is changing rapidly in Luxembourg with the will of the Luxembourg government to give this profession all the recognition requested by the Luxemburg Association of Osteopaths. It will now be necessary to justify a master degree training to be an osteopath in Luxembourg.

More and more patients are using this profession to treat ailments and pathologies as diverse as physical as well as behavioral pains, such as depression, for adults, children and even babies.

Because the profession is not yet regulated in Luxembourg, you do not need a medical prescription to consult an osteopath. In addition, osteopathy sessions are not reimbursed by the CNS. On the other hand, more and more complementary insurance support the reimbursement of osteopathy care. The fees charged by osteopaths are not regulated, so inquire beforehand.

For more information on the profession or to find an osteopath in Luxembourg, visit the website.

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