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Practical Information

Are you moving to Luxembourg or planning to move there soon? In this section you will find all the practical information and other details you need to know, whether you are newcomers to Luxembourg or have been living here for many years. 

We propose you here to get some reference points on Luxembourg in order to understand the country and once there to orient yourself: multicultural population, continental climate, geography, …. Also discover the history of Luxembourg and its political system that shapes Luxembourg’s traditions and culture, as well as the daily life of its residents.

To help you find your bearings and integrate, find in this section the expressions you need to know and a guide to Luxembourgers. How and where to go shopping and shopping? Where to go for practical information about your city?

From a practical point of view, how can you stay in touch with your family and friends when you are far from your country of origin? Who to contact in case of an emergency? These are just some of the questions we are led to ask ourselves when arriving in a new country. You will find the answers here.



To help you settle and integrate in Luxembourg, as a resident or cross-border commuter, download our practical Just Arrived guides on Luxembourg.

You will find all the information and procedures necessary for a serene expatriation, an easy installation of your whole family in your new host country and a simplified integration in your new environment.