Every year Luxembourg welcomes more and more new residents, expatriate employees in large companies, European Union officials or individuals attracted by the economic dynamism of the Grand Duchy.
Whatever your situation, many associations can help you integrate in Luxembourg.

JAA Club – Just Arrived Ambassadors Club

JAA Club association amabssadeurs Just Arrived LuxembourgThe Just Arrived’ ambassadors Club (JAA Club) is an association which seeks to boost the multicultural integration of new comers in Luxembourg.

The group formed by citizen-ambassadors of the different communities represented in Luxembourg, aims to create a supportive network to facilitate the transition of future residents in Luxembourg.

The JAA Club’s goal is to accompany newcomers and expats to Luxembourg as soon as they arrive, and ideally before their arrivl. The future expatriate to Luxembourg can then contact a representative of his community to get useful information about expatriation. He is thus reassured throughout the process of immigration and integration. Reception and installation in Luxembourg is much more easy for all the family.

The ambassador of each community is a connector between his community and the other communities present in the Grand Duchy.

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Just Arrived Ambassadors Club is looking for ambassadors

Are you an expat in Luxembourg and does the integration of foreign populations interest you? Do you want to represent your community in a multicultural organization? Would you like to network and collaborate on projects with people from other culture ?

Contact the JAA Club! More information here.