The municipality of Niederanven, adjacent to the city of Luxembourg, is composed of the following localities : Ernster, Hostert, Niederanven, Oberanven, Rameldange, Senningerberg and Waldhof.  

Key figures

Population: 5,981
Area: 41 km2
Style: Family , Rustic

Niederanven, a very attractive village-like town

Due to the proximity with the district of Kirchberg and the Luxembourg-Findel airport, surrounded by a green and wooded natural setting, the commune of Niederanven attracts newcomers.

The basic school “Am Sand” and a music school as well as a Training Centre for adults are the main offer in training and education of this municipality.

The commune is also well integrated into the public transport network.

In addition, thanks to a cooperation with the city of Luxembourg, the municipality of Niederanven offers a service named “Call a Bus” to each person with reduced mobility. This one may be accompanied by a valid person to use the service and move around.
Beautiful sports facilities in Niederanven

For the more energetic ones, the Echternach bicycle path, linking Kirchberg to Niederanven, is an interesting alternative means of transport to the car.

The beautiful aquatic centre of Syrdall Schwemm is also implanted there and strengthens the sports facilities offer in the municipality.

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Localisation commune de Niederanven à Luxembourg