Weimerskirch, quiet, family and multicultural neighborhood

The neighbourhood of Weimerskirch is on the northern hillside of the City and links the Alzette valley with Kirchberg.
Known as « petite paroisse », (small parish) this district which dates back to medieval times, had for a long time a great deal of influence on the other parishes of the City.

Key figures
Population: 2 430 at the end of 2018, 27,82% luxembourgish and 72,18% foreigners
Area: 11 km2
Style: Family

Quiet ambience in Weimerskirch

Located on a hill, Weimerskirch has a calm and village feel. There are still some very residential streets such as la Rue du Soleil or la Rue des Sources.
Architectural style : two storey houses and more recent buildings spread out around the church and going up to Kirchberg.

With a cultural centre « Am Duerf », shops and not being not far from Dommeldange train station, this neighbourhood has an interesting strategic location.

Good to know about Weimerskirch

Schools : there is a primary school in Weimerskirch. For more infos about schools in Luxembourg visit our Education section.

Transport/bus : bus routes 8, 25, 63, CN4 run through this neighbourhood.

Housing: have a look at the prices for housing (rent or buy) by neighbourhood in Luxembourg City.

Our Opinion about Weimerskirch

This multicultural district is a nice place to live. It has green space such as Kuebebierg, and a cycle path connecting it to the national cycle path network starting in Pfaffenthal heading to Dommeldange.

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