Pulvermühle is a small neighbourhood, the least populated of the city located to the east of the centre between Cents and Hamm. In fact, the Pulvermüle, Hamm and Cents are considered one district.

Key figures

Population: 333
Area: 2 km2
Style: Family

Atmosphere in Pulvermühle

Pulvermühle is in full expansion as it benefits from the development taking place in Cents and Hamm.

The rail viaduct allowing trains to pass over the Alzette valley in Pulvermühle is currently being doubled in size.

Good to Know about Pulvermühle

Schools: there is no primary school in this area; the nearest schools are in the neighbouring districts Cents and Hamm. For more infos about schools in Luxembourg visit our Education section.

Transport/bus: the routes 7 and 29 operate in the area.

Housing: more information on rent and sale prices of housing in Pulvermühle and Luxembourg.

Our opinion about Pulvermühle

Pulvermühle is more a place where people pass through than a place to live. It is the junction of a number of the City’s neighbourhoods.