Located to the south on the City, Hollerich is one of the four most densely populated neighbourhoods of the capital with 73 inhabitants/ha. Hollerich is a heterogeneous neighborhood composed of residences and single-family homes, businesses and administrations near the station area.
Hollerich is also adjoining the districts of Belair, Ville Haute, Gasperich, Cessange and Merl.

Key figures

Population: 7 107 inhabitants at the end of 2018, 25,10% luxembourgish and 74,90% foreigners
Area: 2 km2
Style: Family , Young

Characteristics of Hollerich district

Hollerich is a diverse district made up of family apartment blocks and houses near Park Merl, with businesses and administrative buildings towards the station area.

The main street, rue de Hollerich is known for its bars, busy at weekends and at night. The district, all in length, enjoys an excellent connection with the motorway network.

Cheaper in terms of rent than the neighbouring sector Belair and has a diverse population.

The former Villeroy & Boch factories were located in Hollerich, in this district, which was the object of future transformations.

For skate lovers, a skate park is located Rue de l’Abattoir.

Good to Know about Hollerich

Schools:  The Geesseknäppchen Campus in Hollerich includes the following Luxembourgish secondary schools: the Athénée de Luxembourg, the Lycée Aline Mayrisch, the Lycée Michel Rodange, the ISL (International School of Luxemburg, the Lycée Technique Business School and ECG management, and the Conservatoire de Luxembourg.
The campus also offers sports facilities, including an athletics track, several gyms, an Olympic pool and a football field.

A Luxembourgish pre-school, pre-school and primary school are also present on site as well as a school home for day-care centers.

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Transport/Bus: bus 4, 12, 15, 17, 24, 125, CN1 cover this area.

Housing: less expensivethan the adjoining Belair district, Hollerich attracts a heterogeneous population. To find out more about real estate prices Hollerich and districts of Luxembourg City

Hollerich, a future eco-responsible district

A huge ecological project « Hollerich Village » with an artisanal and commercial area should come about in the next few years (2020) and could create a heart in the neighbourhood.

This development project along the railway line is part of the larger project of the Hollerich Gate.