Eich, old industrial district in full mutation

Located in the north of the City of Luxembourg, Eich is one of the smallest of the City’s districts and is certainly one of the oldest.

Key figures

Population:  2 961 at the end of 2018, 25,90% luxembourgish and 74,10% foreigners
Area: 1 km2
Style: Family

Eich, a neighborhood with a changing village atmosphere

The Eich neighbourhood, whith mainly a foreign community, has a village or small town feel with some very pretty streets but presenting a lot of traffic on the main roads. The architectural style consists in houses from the beginning of the century alongside new buildings.

The Alzette River is the natural boundary with Dommeldange and Weimerskirch to the east and Limpertsberg to the south. On the west is Kirchberg.

Originally the municipality of Eich also included the districts of Beggen, Dommeldange, Weimerskirch, Neudorf, and Rollingergrund. Like the other districts of the city, it was attached to the municipality of Luxembourg in 1920. Like Dommeldange,  Eich is the witness of the industrial past of the country with the construction of the first blast furnace by Auguste Metz in 1845 and the production of cast iron until 1966. The production of cast iron objects stopped in 1975.
Today, the circuit of the former municipality of Eich proposed by the LCTO (Luxembourg City Tourist Office) allows to revisit this cradle of the iron and steel industry  in Luxembourg.

Good to know about Eich

Schools: there is a primary luxembourgish school in Eich and nurseries, and a secondary technical school Emile Metz, established in 1915 and previously training center for the iron and steel industry.
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Transport/bus : bus routes 8, 11, 21, 23, CN4 run in this neighbourhood. The Dommeldange train station is also nearby.
Housing: The neighborhood is in mutation, old individual dwellings gradually leave place to new constructions. Have a look at the prices for housing (rent or buy) by neighbourhood in Luxembourg City.

You will also find here the sports clinic of the CHL of Eich, a cultural center, 2 gyms, a ball field and several playgrounds.

Characteristics of Eich

Eich is on a slope, the base of the valley is ARBED land (the old Dommeldange steelworks) and the top part ends at the Montée Pilate. So some of the housing here has a great view.

Eich, heavy traffic, but close to Kirchberg

Despite the main axes being very busy, Eich benefits from its proximity to the business district Kirchberg. The ARBED land means there is a lot of possibility for development in the area.

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