One of the 24 districts of Luxembourg-Ville, Cessange is in full development. Characterized by its young population, it is ideal for a property investment.

Key figures

Population: 5,247
Area: 4 km2

Located in the southwest of Luxembourg City, the district of Cessange is ideally located in the city and nature and touches the districts of Merl, Hollerich and Gasperich.

With its 5,300 inhabitants, Cessangeoffers a residential space, family, young in full development.

Close to the motorway interchange of the Cross of Cessange (roads towards Belgium, France and Germany), the district of Cessange is today in full development.

Due to its geographical location, its many means of transport to the city of Luxembourg and especially the expansion of the neighboring district of Gasperich and Cloche d’Or, from which it benefits in terms of attractiveness, the district of Cessange appears as being a very interesting area to invest.

In addition to the many buildings built very recently or in the construction phase, ideal for real estate investments, a new Special Development Plan was signed at the end of 2017. The project “Rue Verte” implies the forthcoming construction of 16 multi-family buildings representing more than 180 dwellings, 15 single-family homes. 1,600m2 of offices and 800m2 of commercial space should also be built.

We bet that with the development of the Luxembourg population, the district of Cessange should still develop!

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