Letzshop.lu Go Local, buy Luxembourgish on the internet

Since September 2018, you can now buy in Luxembourg shops online.The Letzshop.lu online platform offers the possibility to shop online, but exclusively Luxembourg brands. It was initiated by the Ministry of Economy, and conducted in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce, the Luxembourg Confederation of Commerce (CLC) and 16 Luxembourg municipalities including the City of Luxembourg,

This initiative is boosting the national economy through e-commerce and benefits both merchants and customers. So don’t hesitate, do your shopping online at letzshop.lu. Today there are more than 200 Luxembourg online merchants.

Lët’z Go Local – The community for local products, designs and services

de-lokale-maart-Luxembourg Consuming luxembourgishLet’z go local is an association which promotes products and services 100% made in Luxembourg: fashion & jewellery, design, children, wellness, publishing, food & drink and services. A great initiative to discover Luxembourgish culture and creativity!

To be presented by Lët’z go Local and take part in the local markets, De Lokale Maart, organised by the association, it is first of all necessary to be registered as a professional in Luxembourg, either as a self-employed worker or as employee. The products or services offered must be made or designed in Luxembourg.

Several times a year in Luxembourg-City or elsewhere, Lët’z go local organises market events to highlight local products and make them known to the general public: De Lokale Maart.

Design, fashion, local products, home care services: each time more than fifty stands present the know-how and Luxembourgish specialties.

What do we like the most about these events? The desire to promote local products and conviviality. Luxembourg is a multicultural country.  Such events show that, whatever your origin, we can share common values and contribute to enhance the Luxembourg culture.

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Do you want to buy local fresh vegetables and fruits ?

Do you want to know more about the Luxembourg traditions or culinary specialties?