Taxes statement in Luxembourg

Déclaration impôts au LuxembourgWhether you are a long-time resident or a newcomer in Luxembourg, the tax return to declare your previous year’s income to the tax authorities must be realised by March 31st at the latest.
To facilitate you the task, it is from now on possible to fill your tax return online. Here is how to proceed.

Paper or online tax return

Generally, in the course of February, every Luxembourg taxpayer receives a taxes declaration form by mail to his domicile or an electronic invitation to declare his/her income to the Administration of direct taxes.

To declare your taxes in Luxembourg, you have two possibilities:

  • Filling your completed and signed statement, then giving it back to the employee of the competent office of imposition,
  • Completing the taxes declaration forms online and sending them to the ACD via MyGuichet.

Know that even if you receive a paper form by mail, you can still complete it online and send it to the ACD via MyGuichet. It is very handy!

How to declare your online taxes?

To declare your taxes online, nothing could be easier: visit the site of, select your status (resident or non-resident), then follow the instructions.

A tutorial was also displayed online by, the administrative guide of the State of Luxembourg, to accompany you, stage by stage, in your tax return. also proposes a very concrete explanatory video to support you during all your process of your taxes declaration online.

Make sure to respect the deadlines as indicated on in case of failure to respect the indicated deadlines, a tax supplement, a late-payment interest or a penalty can be applied by the office of imposition.

In Luxembourg, the payroll taxes are deducted according to a pay as your earn principle, on the basis of the tax card from the tax authorities. From its reception, usually at the end of january, do not forget to communicate it to your employer.