Choosing an insurance company in LuxembourgJust arrived in Luxembourg and looking for an insurance company? We have selected for you the most popular insurance companies in the Grand Duchy so that you can make the right choice in your insurances.

Some risks must be covered in the Grand Duchy,  such as car insurance, home insurance or public liability insurance.  Luxembourg insurance companies will all be able to offer you insurance policies adapted to your needs, whether to insure your property, your assets or your family, or even the risks related to your professional activity. 

Insurance companies in Luxembourg

Independents or affiliated to international companies, leaders or not in the field of insurances, they will offer you all the insurance services necessary to cover your domestic risks, of civil liability, of medical coverage, housing insurance, vehicle insurance, life insurance

Among the most popular insurance companies in Luxembourg, you have the choice between several companies, among which we shall name: Bâloise Assurances Luxembourg, Allianz Insurances, Foyer, AXA Assurances, Lalux.

You can also opt for an insurance broker which will help you determine which insurance company you need, and at the best price possible.

Insurance comparaison

Your choice of insurance must be guided not only by the proposed prices but also, and especially, by the offered guarantees. Do not forget that an insurance is above all planned to cover one or several risks; think of verifying well which risks are covered and how much.

Insurance is a question of tranquillity for you and your family. Ask for an estimate and the description of the risks covered before subscribing!

See the compulsory insurance in Luxembourg

If the prices differ from one insurance company to another, it is often due to the difference of the guarantees offered and the conditions of insurance. Low prices are often synonymous with low warranties, high deductibles, many warranty exclusions. In all cases, upon receipt of the contract and before signing it, read the general conditions and especially the exclusions of guarantee of the proposed insurance policy.

Regarding car insurance, choosing a specific model can make you pay your insurance a little more expensive, among other things attention tuned cars, insurance can be much more expensive …

Insurance comparators are available on the web, do not hesitate to use them.

The CAA – Commissariat aux Assurances, is a public institution, under the authority of the Ministry of Finance. The CAA is the body responsible for overseeing the insurance sector in Luxembourg. It is among other things responsible for the protection of policyholders.

You will find on the CAA website all the documents related to the insurance sector in Luxembourg. An upcoming claims resolution service should be offered to consumers.