Luxembourg: the tradition of Émaischen is coming back!

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Émaischen, a Luxembourgish tradition

The Émaischen is a tradition in Luxembourg that takes place on Easter Monday at the end of the traditional Easter celebrations. It is a folk market which takes place in 2 localities of Luxembourg: rue du Marché-aux-Poissons in the old town of Luxembourg, as well as Nospelt, a small town near Capellen (in the west). Every year, hundreds of people enjoy the Émaischen!

If the origin of this traditional festival particularly beloved among children remains unclear, Luxembourg inhabitants and tourists love this event. It seems that this tradition was born in the 19th century, on Easter Monday, when a mass was celebrated at the Saint Michel church in Luxembourg for the potters’ brotherhood. And it is precisely at the exit of the church that the potters sold their creations. As a former village of potters, Nospelt was known to make small birds with the clay remains of the day, hence the Péckvillercher tradition!

Péckvillercher, clay whistling birds

The Péckvillercher is a small terracotta bird that sounds like the cuckoo’s sound. On the Émaischen, either you are curious or collect them, you find colorful Péckvillercher with one or some holes in Nospelt and Luxembourg-city streets. They are sold at different prices. Every year, new colorful terracotta or ceramic small birds are sold during the festival. Do not miss them! Your children will love creating beautiful melodies with these pretty small birds.

Traditional Luxembourgish dances and songs rhythm the Émaischen festival in the middle of food and drink stands. Children can take part in many activities.

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