Luxembourg Museum Days & Night , discovering the heritage

Luxembourg is rich in museums, reflecting its history, its culture and its natural diversity. Every year, Luxembourg’s museums open their doors to visitors free of charge to showcase the richness of the Grand-Ducal heritage.

Luxembourg Museum Days or Luxembourg Museum Night, discover museums in a different way!

Night of the Museums Luxembourg, the museums at night

Museum Night, October 14, 2023

Once again this year, the Museums of the City of Luxembourg will open their doors to the public for a special evening: the “Night of the Museums”. For this 22nd edition of the “Nuit des Musées”, the 7 participating museums are once again expecting over 20,000 visitors.

Each participating museum welcomes the public in its permanent and temporary collections, animated for the occasion by performances related to the theme.

In a previous edition, Luxembourg sportsmen and women improvised themselves as guides for an evening. They presented to the public a“favorite work” in each of the 7 participating museums .

We’re sure there’ll be plenty of surprises in store for evening visitors, including musical tours, artistic performances and workshops.

During this Night of the Museums, the MParticipants will be open from 5pm to 1am. The Mudam, Museum of Modern Art in Kirchberg will continue the festivities until 3 am. Free shuttles will be set up to encourage night-time travel.

  • Villa Vauban, Art Museum
  • Casino Luxembourg, Forum of Contemporary Art
  • Lëtzebuerg City Museum
  • Mudam Luxembourg, Museum of Modern Art Grand Duke Jean
  • National Museum of History and Art
  • National Museum of Natural History, Natur Museum
  • Museum Dräi Eechelen – Fortress, History, Identity

For the Nuit des Musées, tickets can be purchased in advance from participating museums or at the LCTO Place Guillaume in Luxembourg, or on the website at a preferential pre-sale rate.

History of Museum Nights Luxembourg

Created in 2001 by the “d’stater muséeën” movement, the Night of the Museums has since become a key event in the cultural life of the City of Luxembourg. Each year, the public is more numerous to take part in the various animations: guided tours created specifically for the occasion, workshops for children or adults. The atmosphere is also particularly festive with the presence of DJs and gourmets for musical and gastronomic animations.

For more information and a complete program of this cultural event, visit .

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Luxembourg Museum Days, “Hop hop an de Musée”.

New edition on May 20 and 21, 2023

On the occasion of the International Museum Day, Luxembourg’s museums open their doors for free to all visitors. The new edition of the Luxembourg Museum Days will take place on May 20 and 21, 2023.

Created in 1997, this cultural event offers the possibility to visit museums in Luxembourg for free.During this new edition, everyone will be able to discover the diversity of Luxembourg’s museums. Visitors will also be able to immerse themselves in Luxembourg’s culture through its history, art, geography, ….

The Luxembourg Museum Days are an ideal event for all those who wish to explore Luxembourg’s rich cultural and artistic heritage. On this occasion, the participating museums open their art collections or exhibitions free of charge. All testifying to the history and culture of Luxembourg. Resident or simple visitor, do not miss this exceptional event!

The event traditionally takes place over an entire weekend in May. The Luxembourg Museum Days attract thousands of visitors every year to museums and exhibition galleries all over the country.

Program of the Luxembourg Museum Days

Luxembourg Museum Days are an excellent way to discover Luxembourg’s rich cultural heritage. About 40 museums across the country are participating in this event. All of them highlight the diversity of their exhibitions and the richness of their collections. Visitors can expect to see everything from ancient artifacts and art pieces to modern contemporary art installations.

This year again, the participating museums offer a complete and varied cultural program for the whole family. Visitors can enjoy the exhibition rooms in a special and playful atmosphere. Guided tours, lectures, creative workshops or workshops are held in Luxembourgish, French, German or English

According to your desires, tastes or curiosity, you will be able to better understand the steel past of the Southern Landsdiscover the origins of the traditions and other customs of the Grand Duchy… or discover more specific museums such as the Customs and Excise Museum or the Firemen’s Museum.

More information on the Luxembourg Museum Days website.