In-kind financial assistance from CSA Check-Service-Home

The Check-Service-Home is a financial assistance in kind paid by the Luxembourg State as part of the out-of-school care for children up to 12 years.

What is the CSA?

The financial support offered by the CSA or Chèque Service Accueil is intended for families with one or more children aged from 0 to 12, accommodated in nursery or day care, schooled in the basic education of Luxembourg. A child can benefit from this grant later than 12 years old, if he is still in the fundamental school system.

The financial aid concerns not only the payment in kind of childminders but can also help fund extra-curricular activities with CSA service providers.

This subsidy offered by the state allows parents to benefit, depending on their income, 3 hours of free care per week in a child care structure and then reduced rates.

This help called Chaque Service Accueil is a financial assistance in kind, paid directly to the provider identified as “CSA provider”. This subsidy means concretely a reduction of the amount of the invoice to be paid by the parents at the end of the month.

The CSA is made to promote the integration of children into the Luxembourg system.

Amount of CSA financial assistance

The amount of financial assistance granted by the CSA is calculated according to the level of income of the parents, the number of children in the household benefiting from family allowances and the number of hours of non-formal education of which the child has benefited in the month of calculation.

How to benefit from the CSA Check-Service-Accueil?

To benefit from the CSA, the parents must reside in Luxembourg or at least one of the non-resident parents must work in Luxembourg as a national of the European Union (case of cross-border workers).

Just ask for a personalized membership card for each of your children from your local authority. Non-European residents wishing to benefit from the Chèque Service Accueil must apply to the Caisse for the Future of Children.

The card “myCard fir Kanner” is valid until the end of the fundamental school sytem even if the contract must be renewed annually. On registration on the website, you will have access to many resources adapted for your child’s including plurilingual weeks if your child is between 1 and 4 years, as well as the consultation of the CSA invoices and monthly statements.

Do you have one or more children? You can benefit from the help of family benefits. More information here.

You can also benefit from CSA for some institutions providing musical activities, art clubs or sports associations for children up to 12 years.

These suppliers must be identified as “Prestataire CSA”. Inquire when registering your children in these childcare facilities and leisure activities.