Crowdfunding in Luxembourg

Real estate crowdinvesting

More and more crowdinvesting platform on internet propose participatory investments in start-ups or real estate investments to enable entrepreneurs or developers to carry out their project, in the absence of sufficient starting capital. In return, investors receive a stake in the company financed, but without necessarily obtaining control in the management of the company.

Today, this principle is also valid in Luxembourg, among other things in real estate where investors can invest in real estate development projects.
This crowdinvesting system is intended for people interested in investing in real estate projects. The entry ticket is determined according to the projects, and the average annual profitability of the project must be taken into account before investing.

Several projects emanating from developers recognized on the Luxembourg market are studied by these platforms to choose quality residences that will be proposed to potential investors.

Invest in real estate in Luxembourg

Luxembourg real estate market is offering interesting opportunities which were until now, not accessible to mainstream investors.
“By lowering the minimum investment tickets, anyone can now co-invest in real estate projects along with real estate professionals. We are proud to launch the first real estate crowdfunding project in Luxembourg. Our goal is to establish a long-term presence in the Grand Duchy and help to build tomorrow’s cities. – explains Johan Poor, VP of Bee Invested settled in Luxembourg. Many projects have been received but only one has been selected by the team Bee Invested. The project consists of a 9 apartments residency to be built in Pontpierre.

On the same principle, the City of Luxembourg has launched 2 participatory housing projects in Bonnevoie for 5 to 6 dwellings and in Belair for 8 to 9 dwellings. These participatory housing units thus reduce costs and allow the grouped people to participate more actively in the decisions made in the different phases of planning, design and construction. Moreover, from the beginning, this system induces a greater solidarity between the future inhabitants and more durable links. Would it be one of the keys to “Living together”?

Why investing in real estate in Luxembourg?

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