Pulvermühl, a family district awaiting conversion

The district of Pulvermühl, Polvermillen in Luxembourgish, is a small district located along the Alzette. Today, it is the least populated area of the City of Luxembourg and is still waiting for the conversion of former industrial sites.

Located in the center-east, between the districts of Cents and Hamm from which it benefits from the development, it is one of the main gateways to the city.

Population in the Puhlvermuhl district

Number of inhabitants as of January 1, 2022

  • of foreign population 69,6% 69,6%
  • of the population of the city of Luxembourg 0,3% 0,3%

Number of different nationalities

Ambiance of the Pulvermühl district

Pulvermühl is the least populated district of Luxembourg City. It is a family district located between city and nature.

As the gateway to Luxembourg City from the east of the capital, it benefits from the development of the Cents and Hamm districts. Like Hamm, this district was previously part of the municipality of Sandweiler until 1873. It was separated from the Hamm district in 1920.

The houses in this neighborhood are often single-family homes from the 1880s and 1930s-50s, mixed with newer construction.

The expected conversion of the “Polfermillen” industrial sites should give the Pulvermuhl district a new lease on life. The Polfermillen site hosted a mill, then a cotton mill and a drapery in the 19th century. A laundry and a lifting company were established there in the 20th century. For the time being, the site is still undergoing clean-up work. This development project of the former historic sites foresees 210 new housing units (houses and apartments), 1,600 m² of offices and 3,000 m² of additional green spaces.

Amenities in Pulvermühl

Schools: There is no basic school in this neighborhood. These services are offered in the neighboring districts of Cents and Hamm.
See the Education section for more information

Transportation/Bus: Bus routes #7 and #29 serve this neighborhood with 2 bus stops.

Recreation and green spaces: A playground is available for children in the neighborhood.

The district benefits from its position along the Alzette. It is one of the most famous walking and cycling routes in Luxembourg.

This area is a treasure trove for walking or picnicking. The former abandoned fabric factory “Schlaifmillen” is now being revived by artists who have rehabilitated the old mill. They welcome walkers to show them their creations. This place, at the bottom of Rue Godchaux, is magical, only a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of downtown. The Godchaux Circuit allows you to visit these places a little out of time.

Living in the Pulvermühl district

The Pulvermühl district is located at the junction of several city districts. It is a place of passage from the highway exit to the city. Outside of this major road of the capital, the atmosphere today is rather village. The neighborhood is located between the city and nature. The rehabilitation of the former industrial site should give it a second wind, especially given its proximity to the Alzette.

Note that the number of transactions in the sector is low, which explains the significant variations (see below).

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