Muhlenbach, a family-friendly area for relaxation

Located on the northern outskirts of the city of Luxembourg, in the immediate vicinity of the Bambësch forest, Mühlenbach is a very green, long district with a small population.
Because of its proximity to the districts of Rollingergrund, Beggen, Eich and Limpertsberg, the Muhlenbach district offers a beautiful quality of life in the middle of nature.

Population in the district of Muhlenbach

Number of inhabitants as of January 1, 2022

  • of foreign population 69,4% 69,4%
  • of the population of the city of Luxembourg 1,9% 1,9%

Number of different nationalities

Atmosphere of the Muhlenbach district

The small area of Mühlenbach in Luxembourg has a densely populated southern part and a green, less inhabited northern part. Close to the Bambësch forest, this area is ideal for relaxation and family walks. It is part of the chic and very green districts of the capital.

Muhlenbach connects the Rollingergrund and Eich districts. It borders the town of Walferdange. It offers a quality living environment, close to the city, in a very bucolic and shady setting in summer.

Originally, the Muhlenbach district developed around the stream of the same name. Ideal setting for the construction of numerous mills, it is here that Jesuits made the first Luxembourg paper.

In the 19th century, many horticulturists settled there, taking advantage of the easy water supply for their plantations. The neighborhood has kept its bucolic and green aspect.

Today, with a majority of non-Luxembourgish inhabitants, this district benefits from an interesting mix of populations.

Amenities in the Mühlenbach area

The proximity of the Bambësch forest is a positive point of this district located in the north of the city of Luxembourg. Its many walking trails are popular with residents of the neighborhood and the city as a whole.

On the other hand, the lack of local commerce and the heavy east/west traffic do not favor its development.

Schools: There is no basic school in Mühlenbach. The nearest school is located in the Eich district. See the Education section for more information.

Transportation/bus: There is only one bus line serving this area with 6 stops. The Vauban campus is served directly.

Sports facilities: there are several sports facilities in this area, including the Flèche d’or de Bambësch shooting range and the Spora Tennis Club. Residents can also take advantage of the Mathias Mamer Stadium and 3 playgrounds for the little ones.

The large playground of Bambësch is a relaxing space for the whole family. Made of natural materials, the representation of the three towers and the fortress familiarizes children with the history of the city.

Living in Muhlenbach

Covering an area of 4 km2, the district of Mühlenbach offers its residents a family-friendly and very residential atmosphere. Its location between nature and the city makes it an ideal place to live for families.