Dommeldange, village atmosphere and large buildings

Surrounded by forests and agricultural land, the district of Dommeldange or Dommeldingen in Luxembourgish is located in the north east of the city of Luxembourg, near the districts of Beggen, Weimerskirch and Eich.

Population of the district of Dommeldange

Number of inhabitants as of January 1, 2022

  • of the population of the City of Luxembourg 2,1% 2,1%
  • of foreign population 70,1% 70,1%

Number of different nationalities

Village and modernist atmosphere in Dommeldange

The district of Dommeldange is divided into two quite distinct entities:

  • a historical central part, located in the Alzette valley. Dommeldange was originally part of the municipality of Eich, before it became part of the City of Luxembourg in 1920. Eich represented the old steel districts and owned two blast furnaces of the Forges d’Eich Metz et Cie. The Dommeldange iron and steel factory was in operation until 1980. Remnants of this industry can still be found in this area.
    The castle of Dommeldange was built in the 17th century by Charles Collart, owner of the forge Grunwald for his private residence. This castle still exists and now houses theChinese Embassy.
    See the history of the iron mines in the south of Luxembourg.
  • the The most recent part is located on the hills of Mount Dommeldange. It consists of housing developments, offices and hotels. The huge buildings, including the Terrasses de l’Europe, are very easily recognizable. They overlook the whole valley and the Route d’Echternach leading to the north of Luxembourg and the access to the northern highway A7.

Amenities in the Dommeldange district

Schools: there are two basic schools . There is also a school hostel for the children of the commune. The neighborhood also offers 2 daycare centers.
The Lycée des Arts et Métiers is located on 2 sites, including Dommeldange and Limpertsberg. The Emile Metz Private Technical High School. completes the offer of secondary schools in this part of the city of Luxembourg.

Transportation/ bus: bus lines 12, 23, 25 serve this neighborhood.

The old part of Dommeldange also includes the railway station inaugurated in 1862. It is located on the Luxembourg-Ettelbruck railroad line.

The district of Dommeldange benefits from a very green environment, with recreational areas such as the Europe Park. There are walking trails in the forest environment of the Eecherfeld and the Dommeldange Mountain.

Dommeldange also offers sports facilities such as a sports hall, a petanque field, playgrounds.

A cultural center has been set up in the former Drescher carpenter’s workshop and an outdoor skatepark in Rue Nicolas Hein.

Living in Dommeldange

Style: Family oriented, young

The district of Dommeldange is today mainly inhabited by a foreign community . The district has an active center, which gives it an appreciable village atmosphere.

With a balanced distribution of different nationalities, Dommeldange is a pleasant district to live in. The inhabitants do not hesitate to become homeowners, in a rather young and family atmosphere.

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