Cessange, a district in development

Cessange, one of Luxembourg-City’s 24 districts, is a fast-growing area. Located to the south of the capital, it is characterized by its young, family-oriented population. The area is ideal for real estate investment thanks to its proximity to motorways and the new Cloche d’Or economic hub.

Population in the Cessange district

Number of inhabitants as of January 1, 2022

  • of foreign population 66,4% 66,4%
  • of the population of the city of Luxembourg 3,7% 3,7%

Number of different nationalities

Cessange, between city and nature

Located in the southwest of the capital Luxembourg, the Cessange district is ideally situated between city and nature. Formerly agricultural, it affects the districts of Merl, Hollerich and Gasperich.

Thanks to its geographical location, the Cessange district is in the immediate vicinity of the Croix de Cessange motorway interchange. It is therefore very easy to quickly reach the main roads to the Belgiumthe France and theGermany. The area also has 2 bus routes to Luxembourg City via Route d’Esch.

Cessange is benefiting from theexpansion of the neighboring Gasperich and Cloche d’Or districts. Long off the beaten track, it is now becoming very attractive. The Cessange district appears to be an interesting place to invest from a real estate point of view. Previously underdeveloped, the area is now home to a growing number of large-scale real estate projects.

Real estate projects in Cessange

The Cessange district is currently undergoing a real estate development. In addition to the many buildings that have been built very recently or are in the construction phase, new Special Development Plans have been signed.

The “Rue Verte” development project is in full swing. It will eventually offer around 200 homes, 1,600m2 of office space and 800m2 of retail space.

The Guddebierg project will see the construction of over 400 new homes.

The latest project, Im Grundchen, will see the construction of new homes ready to accommodate some 250 additional residents.

After the Cloche d’Or, the district will also benefit from the extension of tramway lines . A veritable “inner ring road” should be in place by 2040.

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Amenities in the Cessange neighborhood

The district has a basic school. The buildings are located in Rue Verte for Cycle 1 and Rue de Cessange for Cycles 2 to 4.

Three school foyers are available in Rue Verte, Rue de Cessange and Rue Saint Joseph. Contact the city of Luxembourg to register your children.

A number of playgrounds are available for local children. The large park in Cessange offers more space for outdoor activities and relaxing afternoons with the family.

Sports facilities are also available to the residents of the neighborhood. A soccer field, a beach volleyball court, a sports hall, two gymnasiums offer a good sports infrastructure. The Boy Konen Stadium and its Bike Park are also used for sports events of the city of Luxembourg.

The Cessange district also has a cultural center .

Living in the Cessange neighborhood

The Cessange district offers a residential, family-oriented, young area in full development.

Its proximity to major roads and the Cloche d’Or economic hub make it an attractive location for a family. Today, prices are still affordable compared with other parts of Luxembourg.

Shopping and transport facilities are still underdeveloped, but this should change in the next few years.

The Cessange district offers a bucolic setting for families. In the continuity of Findel airport’s air routes, the neighborhood suffers very little because of the height of the aircraft at this level.

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