Cents, a residential area with a Luxembourgish majority

Cents is one of the 24 districts of Luxembourg City. Cents is a predominantly residential area with the lowest proportion of non-Luxembourg residents in the capital.
It is often compared with the nearby Hamm district.

Neighborhood Population Cents

Number of inhabitants as of January 1, 2022

  • of the population of the City of Luxembourg 4,85% 4,85%
  • of foreign population 49% 49%

Number of different nationalities

Cents, a very residential area with a large Luxembourgish population

Despite a very strong demographic growth in the early 2000s, the Cents district remains a district inhabited mainly by Luxembourgers. It remains the only district of the City of Luxembourg with a predominantly Luxembourgish population.

Located in the east of the Luxembourg capital, it forms a complex with the districts of Hamm and Pulvermhüle. Residential, quiet and very green, these are rapidly growing neighborhoods.

The district of Cents is located on both sides of the Rue de Trêves, a historical road between the city of Luxembourg and the city of Trêves in Germany . Cents also serves the historic districts of Grund and Clausen.

Rural at the beginning of the century, the neighborhood grew in the 1960s with the development of low-cost housing in the Cité Frommes. The Church of the Holy Spirit was built in the late 1970s and is the newest church in the country.

A convent of Carmelites is installed in Cents. Two communities of nuns are installed on site with a chaplain. A more apostolic and a more contemplative community welcome visitors for prayers or religious ceremonies in the monastery.

A large-scale project plans to build a magnificent structure by 2025. The pedestrian and bicycle bridge will connect the Cents and Kirchebrg districts. This suspended footbridge will also provide a direct link between Cents and the Weimershof and Neudorf districts thanks to an elevator.

Infrastructures of the Cents district

Cents is ideally served by several bus lines at 40 bus stops. The CFL train to and from Luxembourg stops at the station of Cents/Hamm.

The Findel airport is located in the immediate vicinity, offering some inconvenience due to air traffic.

There is a basic elementary school in the Cents neighborhood. Cycle 1 is housed on Rue Léon Kauffman and Rue Tornaco. Cycles 2 to 4 are located on Rue Léon Kauffman. A school foyer welcomes children for extra-curricular activities.

There are several playgrounds in Cents. Sports fields allow the practice of soccer or other sports. A tennis club is also available to the residents of this neighborhood, as well as a petanque court.

The playground Op der Heed is dedicated to the world of aviation. Children will find real airplanes, a landing strip, a control tower, a pump to refuel,…

A social center allows residents to be welcomed for various events and associations.

The FNEL scout chalet is located in Cents, in the immediate vicinity of the National Sports Institute.

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Living in the Cents neighborhood

The district of Cents is above all a family district, offering a green, calm and airy atmosphere in the immediate vicinity of the city center of Luxembourg.

The neighborhood may present some inconvenience to residents due to the passage of aircraft to and from the nearby Findel Airport.

Several shops allow residents to do their shopping.

It should be noted that there are very few rentals available in the Cents neighborhood and rents are high. More information on housing prices for sale or rent in Cents? See our article on real estate prices in Luxembourg.