Belair, a popular residential area

Belair is one of the 24 sectors of the city of Luxembourg. Located in the west of the Upper Town, a central and historic district, it is adjacent to the districts of RollingergrundMerl and Hollerich.
Belair is one of the most exclusive districts of the capital of Luxembourg. It is sought after for its classic, family style.

Population in the Belair neighborhood

Number of inhabitants as of January 1, 2022

  • of foreign population 67,5% 67,5%
  • of the population of the city of Luxembourg 9,44% 9,44%

Number of different nationalities

The Belair neighborhood is very desirable. Today, it concentrates nearly 10% of the population of the city of Luxembourg on a surface of 2 km2. It is the 2nd most populated district behind the more popular Bonnevoie district.

Luxembourgers represent 32% of the population. The French community represents 17% of the population of Belair, far ahead of the other foreign communities.

Belair is inhabited by a population whose age range is mainly between 28 and 49 years. Most of them are well-to-do families, living in private houses with gardens. There are some beautiful private mansions in this area.

Ambiance of the Belair neighborhood

A residential neighborhood, Belair is sought after for its calm and quality of life. Nevertheless, the heavy traffic during rush hour can cause some traffic jams. Its location and flat topography make it easy to reach the city center by bicycle.

The real estate project“Wunnquartier Stade” around the former Josy Barthel stadium will see a total transformation of the area with the creation of a green space, a central plaza, an opening towards the Route d’Arlon and the conservation of a part of the stadium.

The transformation of the Place de l’Etoile will also give a new lease of life to this very residential neighborhood with a pedestrian area, articulated around a streetcar line to Strassen and many shops. More information on the new real estate projects here.

Belair Area Amenities

Schools: In this district of Belair, there are many day care centers, including 2 halfway houses and municipal day care centers . There are also two Luxembourg fundamental (primary) schools: Diderich and Kayser. Theprivate kindergarten and elementary school ” Over the Rainbow” offers a multilingual education. The Lycée Athénée, one of Luxembourg’s oldest and most famous schools, is located in this area.

See the Education section for more information.

Children can also have fun in the 7 playgrounds or go to the Merl Park with their parents for a walk or to have fun.

The cultural center Schéiss or the social center Institut Saint jean welcome the residents.

The recycling center on the Route d’Arlon is available to the residents of Merl and Belair.

2 gymnasiums, a tennis club and the Merl/belair sports complex complete the sports facilities.

The former Stade Josy Barthel, which has been replaced by the new Stade de Luxembourg, is the subject of a new real estate development project.

The church in Belair offers masses in French on Sundays.

Transport/Bus: Bus lines 6, 8, 12, 13, 15, 28, 31, CN 2 and their 43 bus stops provide easy access to the Hamilius nerve center in the city center. There are also Veloh stations.

Living in Belair

Belair is a great neighborhood to live in. Family oriented and rather classical, it attracts a well-to-do population.

Located close to the city center, it offers proximity to shops. Lined withgreen spaces, including the Parc Merl, it is a meeting place for expatriate mothers who have recently arrived in Luxembourg . It enjoys an ideal geographical location.

Belair is one of the most expensive districts in the Luxembourg capital, along with the Limpetsberg district, with prices above 14,000 euros per m2.

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Belair is a residential area with many families. Before you decide where to live, check out our comparison of the different neighborhoods in Luxembourg .

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