Apartment share, generational support

You are searching for a house share in Luxembourg and do not know how to find an apartment or a potential roommate meeting your requirements? Here are some advice that could help you…

We also tell you about an innovative type of flat share, between youngsters and seniors, so that everyone, no matter his generation, can benefit from this unusual cohabitation.

Sharing a flat

Get help to find an apartment share

In Luxembourg, the best way to find a shared accommodation remains real estate and relocation agencies. Having a big offer of rental properties available, they also know what owners are ready to rent their accommodation as a shared house, which is not always as simple as it seems! Agencies also offer a personalised follow-up and can assist you in your searches.

Websites and Internet forums specialised in shared houses

Numerous websites specialised in flat shares searches exist in Luxembourg. You will not only find adds, but also offers for rooms, studios or apartments and houses to rent and to share with roommates.
These websites also give you the opportunity to get acquainted with people that want and are looking for the same things as you in terms of accommodation.

Facebook is also a good way to find an accommodation (look for the following groups: Colocation Luxembourg, Colocation au Luxembourg and Colocation Luxembourg/WG Lëtzebuerg).

Do not neglect newspapers and classified ads

Even if classified ads published in newspapers can seem slightly “old school”, they are still an effective way to find a flat share quickly. So make sure to have a look on the Luxembourg newspapers such as the Wort and L’Essentiel, that regularly offer classified ads of housing within their pages.

Fancy testing an intergenerational house share?

The intergenerational house share :what is it? It is a question of putting in touch old people with space available in their accommodation, with young people who can take advantage of it, in exchange for some help, a simple reassuring presence or a less expensive rent.

Cohabit’Age: helping two different generations to get closer

Cohabit’Age is going to experiment soon a new economic model based on the acquisition of real estate properties in its own name intended for intergenerational cohabitation. A first purchase is planned in Vianden, and at least 8 others in the 3 upcoming years in order to accommodate between 50 and 80 people.

The principle consists in gathering under one roof a young person (up to 40 years old) and a senior (from 50 years). Various formulae of cohabitation are available, from free accommodation offered to the “young person” in exchange for attendance time on his part (four evenings a week, one weekend out of two), to the payment of a rent within the limits of 305 euros a month. The whole system is ruled by a flat-share contract established and supervised by Cohabit’Age, acting as an intermediary in the relation.

For more information on Cohabit’Age, click here.

Intergenerational residence – Doheem mateneen

Caritas is at the origin of an innovative project of cohabitation which banks on the social mix of elder people with a small income and students, often from abroad who came to Luxembourg in order to study there.

Financed by the City of Luxembourg and the Ministry for Housing, Doheem mateneen was inaugurated in 2017 in Beggen. This residence welcomes elderly and students who are struggling to pay a rent. The objective of this initiative is encouraging mutual aid between two generations which often have to deal with precariousness.

In exchange for a very cheap rent, students commit themselves to helping the elderly in various tasks as for example assisting them in their mobility, going shopping with them, administrative assistance, small repairs, preparing common meals, gardening, etc.

This residence of 2,000m2 includes twelve 45m2 apartments for the elderly and twelve student housings of 15m2 with a kitchen and common spaces, a multi-purpose common room, as well as functional spaces such as a workshop, a treatment room, gardens, etc.