You are stressed and need to relax a little? Or you simply need to have a good time of relaxation, alone, with friends or family? There are many solutions in Luxembourg for the relaxation of everybody.

Summer relaxation on the “Kinnekswiss”

Kinnekswiss LuxembourgEvery summer, come relax in the vast green space between the Glacis field and the Avenue de la Porte-Neuve. Lounge chairs, music or fun activities, outdoor sports and recreation every day from mid-June to mid-September.
See parks and green spaces in Luxembourg and surroundings.

In addition, the sports department of the City of Luxembourg concocts a diversified program based on traditional sports or more fun! More information on the VDL website.

Aquatic centres

Swimmingpools with wellness area

In Luxembourg, swimming pools are generally very well equipped, with saunas or steam rooms for adults (beware nudity is required in the saunas and steam rooms of many institutions), jacuzzis, indoor and outdoor pools, slides for children, catering spaces or cafeteria, lawns where to sunbathe in summer …

Aquatic wellness centres

These wellness spaces offer multiple facilities for well-being with saunas, steam rooms, jet pools, massages, …

Of course the list is not exhaustive.

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