Procedures for reimbursement of medical expenses in Luxembourg

To be reimbursed of all or part of your medical and health care costs in Luxembourg, you must first register with the Joint Social Security Center and then request the reimbursement of your medical expenses from your health insurance fund. Health.

These may include expenses related to a general practitioner or specialist, dental expenses, hospital expenses, medications and other products dispensed in pharmacy on medical prescription, …
The services must have been delivered by a service provider fulfilling all the professional legal obligations required in Luxembourg.

Reimbursement of medical expenses and medication

Remboursement medicaments et frais medicauxThe National Health Fund (CNS) allows the insured working in the private sector in Luxembourg, and its beneficiaries to benefit from reimbursements of medical expenses, medication, hospitalizations, analyzes and medical care, …, in part or in totality. The CMFEP is responsible for the Luxembourg public sector.

Procedure for reimbursement of medical expenses by the CNS

As a private sector employee or his / her beneficiaries, you can have your medical expenses reimbursed by the CNS.

When getting reimbursed for the first time, next to registration with CCSS, you will need to give your bank account number to your Health Insurance Fund.

Depending on the nature of services received, medical fees are reimbursed or not by the Health Insurance, totally or partially.

Which documents or information must be provided for a reimbursement?

  • The original fee note
  • The proof of payment
  • Communication of bank account (only if not previously provided)
  • The 13-digit matricule number (mandatory)

When getting your medication, the chemist will ask you to show your Health Insurance card so that you only pay the non-reimbursable part.

The originals of the report of fees or other medical expenses, paid, must be sent to the National Health fund. In case of payment by Internet, do not forget to join your debit note otherwise you will not be paid back!

Where to send letters for reimbursement of medical care?

All your requests for reimbursement of expenses of doctors, specialists, dentists, …. must be sent to the National Health Fund

Medical fee and medication reimbursements

If you have just arrived in Luxembourg, it is useful to consult the CNS website both to check for any new legislation and to get informed about doctors’ fees and reimbursements.

On the website of the CNS (Caisse Nationale de Santé) you find a tool that allows you to understand the wording of the codes used by doctors, dentists, physiotherapists etc., present on the honorarium, and the associated tariff (normal or first class) which the doctor is entitled to charge.

Warning: these are not reimbursed amounts. The prices shown are those applicable. You can search by nomenclature, namely the code / label present on the honorarium.

Anesthesia, descaling, lenses? Are they reimbursed in Luxembourg?

Since 1 January 2017, reimbursements for orthodontic and ophthalmic treatments by the National Health Fund (CNS) have been fixed.
Thus, the 2nd annual descaling and anesthesia during filling will now be reimbursed.
Organic glasses and contact lenses will benefit from improved support.

Reimbursement of medication

To know the percentage of reimbursement of medicines, you can consult the list of medicines and the corresponding amount (in percentage) of reimbursement by clicking on this link.

Reimbursement of health costs in 2018. What changes?

Urgent medical care abroad

In the case of urgent medical care required abroad, we would advise you to contact your Health Insurance Office to find out how you can be reimbursed.

Ask for detailed invoices with proof that payment has been made and if possible in one of the common European languages (French, German, English).

Make sure that the doctor or the health care provider you consult is registered and linked to the state health scheme (as opposed to being a private practitioner).