Here are useful addresses in Luxembourg to receive home care, do medical or blood tests.

Nurses – home care

Do you come back from the hospital or clinic and have to receive home care? Doou want to stay your home despite regular medical care?

In Luxembourg, you can benefit from acts and medical care at home, on medical prescription, in many cases such as punctures, sutures, postoperative staples to remove, blood tests, dressing or bandages changes,. ..

Expenses related to this medical care can be reimbursed under certain conditions.

You can find the list of independent nurses at home on the website.

Several companies are also involved in all home medical care, but also domestic help for the elderly or disabled:

Laboratories – medical tests and blood tests

Do you have medical tests or a blood test? You can go to the Luxembourg laboratories at your convenience. Ask about the opening hours by calling beforehand.

These expenses for analysis and home care may also be covered by the health insurance funds.

For your blood tests you can go to private laboratories or to the National Health Laboratory, a public institution in Dudelange under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. Blood test: Mon.-Fri., 7.30 am-9 am.

AIDS test – HIV-Berodung Croix-Rouge

To take a quick, free and anonymous AIDS test, you can go, without prior appointment or medical prescription to any hospital in the country or to the HIV berodung service of the Croix-Rouge.

Address : 94, bd Général Patton

Phone : +352 27 55-4500