Pediatric emergency

An emergency for your child? Do not hesitate to visit our emergency section to know who to contact in Luxembourg!
You will also find here the list of the hospitals of guard for the current year.

Children hospitals in Luxembourg

Do your children need to be cured in a hospital or have specific medical requirements and you don’t know which establishment can help you? Just Arrived guides you through the best pediatric medical institutions in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg
Pediatric clinics list in Luxembourg

You don’t know which pediatric clinic to choose? Below is a list of the best Pediatric clinics in Luxembourg by region so you won’t have to travel far. These establishments guarantee your child will be taken care of quickly and effectively.
Are you looking for a particular paediatric department in Luxembourg ?

Medical specialization for children : allergology, hematology, ophthalmology, dermatology, … Just Arrived strongly recommends that you use the search engine moteur de recherche de you will find a complete list of all the Luxembourgish Pediatric Clinics offering all the medical services you may need!

Looking for an adult hospital or a medical huse? Check out our dedicated page here.

Krank Kanner Doheem service to take care of your children when they are ill

Your child is sick and you have to go to work? The solution is there !

The Krank Kanner Doheem service keeps your child at home during your working hours when he cannot go to school.

Household net income is used as the basis for calculating fee participation.

Get a registration form on the SKKD website: time saved for the day it will be necessary!