First aid gestures

Anyone may witness an accident or a loss of consciousness, and may be able to save a life. With these first aid-training courses, you will learn the appropriate gestures in case of emergency. You will then be able to help a person in danger, wounded, unconscious or in a vital emergency pending the arrival of medical first aid professionals.

At the end of the training, you will receive a free first aid certificate.

First-aid training courses in French and Luxembourgish

The City of Luxembourg and many municipalities in Luxembourg organise free first-aid training courses.

It is also mandotory in Luxembourg companies to train a certain number of staff in first aid, as well as to have a first aid place. The minimum number of rescuers must be 5% of the personnel in a commercial or administrative type company, 10% in other cases.

Red Cross or Administration des Services de Secours

The program of these first-aid training courses is made up of 14 sessions of 2 hours and associates theory and practice. The courses are offered in French and Luxembourgish. Either the Luxembourg Red Cross or the Administration des Services de Secours (emergency services: 112) organises such training courses in different communes of the programme.

The courses close with a test in front of a jury, at the end of which you receive your first-aid certificate.

For more information about first-aid training courses, go to the Red Cross and Luxembourg Rescue Services Agency websites.

In case of emergency:

Call 112 – free emergency service phone number, 24/7 for all life-threatening emergencies.

You will find on the website, the first aid measures to be administered while waiting for first aid to an unconscious person, in cardiorespiratory arrest, to treat wounds or to clear obstructed airways for an adult, a child or A baby. Do not hesitate to consult them !