Health and well-being in Luxembourg

Overview of the Luxembourg healthcare system

Luxembourg has a solid healthcare system. Thanks to high-quality preventive care and good coverage of healthcare costs, Luxembourg ensures the well-being of its citizens. Here you’ll find the main features of Luxembourg’s healthcare system and how it contributes to the overall health of the country’s residents.

Universal health care

Luxembourg’s healthcare system is based on the principles of universal coverage, accessibility and equality for all citizens. Every resident has access to healthcare services, regardless of income or employment status. Care coverage is efficient.

What’s more, residents benefit from fast, comprehensive care. The medical and nursing staff are competent and committed to their mission. As a result, and thanks to a high quality of life, Luxembourg residents enjoy one of the highest life expectancies in Europe . According to the latest study published by the World Health Organization, women live to 86 and men to 81.

Compulsory health insurance

To ensure this level of benefits, health insurance is compulsory. All residents must register with the CCSS Centre Commun de la Sécurité Sociale. He will therefore be able to benefit from the services of the “Caisse Nationale de Santé” (CNS).

Health insurance is financed by a combination of employer contributions, employee contributions and government subsidies. This system ensures that all citizens have access to the necessary health services, regardless of their income or employment status.

Portail Santé.lu, the reference site for healthcare in Luxembourg

The Sante. lu portal was launched in 2009 by the Ministry of Health. It brings together all the information on health in Luxembourg.. Useful for both private individuals and professionals, you’ll find a wide range of information here.

Prevention tips and health files

Santé.lu offers preventive health advice by theme or age group. You’ll also find in-depth dossiers on health, as well as explanatory sheets on diseases or ailments and their symptoms. The site presents the causes and practical advice on how to prevent or cure illnesses.

Practical information on the healthcare system also explains how medical care is reimbursed. It also presents all the players in the health and social care sector. Visitors to the site will find information on the practice of healthcare professions in Luxembourg, regulations and qualifications required to practice healthcare professions in Luxembourg. Job seekers will also find job offers in the healthcare field.

Health news in Luxembourg

On santé.lu, you’ll find news and health information such as food product recalls, the heatwave plan, the calendar of health-related events, etc.

Legislation relating to the health and medical sector, health policy in Luxembourg, health plans, health publications and the prevention and health promotion campaigns run by the Ministry and the Health Department are also among the information available on the site.

The corresponding app is available on smartphone and tablet.

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