Medical consultations

In case of medical emergency, call 112!

Free emergency call number 24/7 for all life-threatening emergencies.

Doctors, general practitioners and specialists

If you are ill or need to consult a doctor, it is advisable to consult a general practitioner first, who will advise you to consult a specialist doctor if necessary. In Luxembourg, you can make an appointment by calling the switchboard of your practitioner.

Finding a doctor, a dentist or chemist is easy: consult the official register of official doctors via the Luxembourg medical board.

Some practitioners are also listed in online directories (, which means you can do a personalised search (area of expertise, location, languages spoken by the doctor, etc.) as well as making an appointment online.  Some of practices also offer video consultation. Very convenient in a Covid-19 context.

Take note that if you cancel less than 24 hours prior to your appointment or d’on’t show up on time you may be charged!

In Luxembourg, it is not necessary to get a prescription from your general practitioner to see a specialist doctor and be reimbursed.

To be reimbursed for medical expenses paid, you will need to register with the CCSS, (Common Centre for Social Security) and your Caisse de Santé, as soon as you arrive in Luxembourg.

Doctors are also competent to get vaccinated. 

Econsult : medical consultations via internet

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Caisse Nationale de Santé has launched a new online medical consultation service. Reducing travel and risks of contagion, this service is fast, easy and allows you to consult your doctor, dentist or nurse in complete safety. How does it work?

Whether in audio or video consultation, the patient selects the doctor chosen in the desired specialty on the medical internet platform 

The patient then creates his account by entering his email address, his mobile phone number and his 13-digit number.

The patient then receives a link to access the teleconsultation. A reminder is sent a quarter of an hour before the start of the consultation which will begin once the doctor is available. Otherwise, the patient is directed to a virtual waiting room.

During the consultation, the customer can exchange documents via chat. At the end of the consultation, the patient receives the fee memorandum for settlement of the teleconsultation as normal. The consultation can then be reimbursed via the CNS. If necessary, a certificate of incapacity will be issued for transmission to the employer.
If necessary, the patient will also receive a duplicate of the prescription for medication and laboratory tests from the pharmacy or laboratory previously selected. Analyses may also be carried out at home.

Doctors on duty: need a doctor at night or on weekends?

Medical consultations in the evening or on weekends

You need a doctor at night or on the weekend? Is your doctor’s office closed and you need a medical opinion or consultation? Doctors and dentists only consult during the weekThere is not really a doctor on call in Luxembourg. It is the medical houses that provide a replacement service for general practitioners for night care, weekends and public holidays when doctors’ surgeries are closed.

Medical Houses are a replacement service when doctors and medical centers are closed. In case of fever, angina, cold, gastrointestinal disorders, pain, lumbago, small cuts etc., the patient can go to Medical Houses instead of waiting hours at the emergency rooms at the hospital, which are not dedicated to little sores.

When  medical houses are closed you must call the 112. Your call will be passed on to the doctor on call at the Medical House who will call you back as soon as possible. The doctor could make  home visit if they deem it to be necessary according to the situation or decide to let you go to the hospital.

Maisons Médicales, medical centres

Medical centres offer a medical service, but they are not an emergency service! In the event of a medical emergency or after midnight you should always call 112 directly.

Your call will then be forwarded to the doctor on duty at the medical centre who will contact you as soon as possible. If necessary, the doctor will make a home visit, ask you to go to the nearest medical centre or decide to admit you to hospital.

There are 3 medical centres in Luxembourg, located in the centre, north and south of the country:

  • Maison Médicale for the centre of the country located in Luxembourg: 23 Val Fleuri, L-1526 Luxembourg. Patients are welcomed without prior appointment.
  • The medical centre for the north, located in Ettelbruck: 110, av Lucien Salentiny L-9080 Ettelbruck. It is necessary to make an appointment in advance via the Internet at this address or by telephone (+352) 20 333 111. Reservations can be made from 7 p.m. on weekday evenings and from 7 a.m. on weekends and public holidays.
  • The medical centre for the south, located in Esch/Alzette – Belval district: 3-5, avenue du Swing, L-4367 Belvaux (Esch-Belval). Patients are welcome without an appointment.

Opening hours of the medical centres:

  • Monday to Friday from 8pm to midnight
  • Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 8 am to midnight.

Outside these hours, see the emergencies section. 

Medical care abroad

Except in the European Union where holding a European Health Insurance Card is sufficient in most cases, your medical expenses may be reimbursed in full or in part, except in special cases, such as requesting medical care abroad. You will need prior authorisation from the CNS.

Do you want to practice as a foreign doctor in Luxembourg? Discover the testimony of a Luxembourg expatriate Italian doctor.

You will also find on the web portal the necessary diplomas to practice your medical specialty in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Medical specialists and other professions for health care

The medical sector is very well developed in Luxembourg. In addition to general practitioners well established on the territory, many medical specialists and other professions related to health are present. It is relatively easy to get appointments, with more or less time depending on the specialty.

As for general practitioners, health expenses incurred with other medical professions or allied health professions can be covered by your health or complementary health insurance under certain conditions. One of the conditions is the medical prescription by your general practitioner. Find out beforehand whether or not to obtain this prescription.

To find a health professional in the field and specialty sought, ask your doctor who will recommend a specialist or book an appointment via the online platform, which will allow you to select the practitioner according to his specialty, his locality and the languages spoken.

You can also refer to the medical and para-medical associations below.

Luxembourg Association of Osteopaths – ALDO

Osteopathy is based on the diagnosis and treatment by manual approach of people with physical disorders and suffering in order to restore their mobility and physical well-being. More and more patients are using this profession to treat ailments and pathologies as diverse as physical pain but also behavioural ones such as depression for example, whether for adults, children or even infants.

Today it is necessary to have a master’s degree to be an osteopath in Luxembourg. 
To date, you do not need a medical prescription to consult an osteopath. Moreover, osteopathy sessions are not reimbursed by the CNS. On the other hand, more and more complementary insurances cover the reimbursement of treatment. Osteopaths’ fees are free. Please enquire beforehand.

Luxembourgish Association of Physiotherapists – ALK

To practice in Luxembourg, a physiotherapist must have a state diploma attesting to his abilities to be a masseur-physiotherapist. He can then practice as a liberal or as an employee in a hospital. As a patient, you can freely choose your practitioner for therapeutic or wellness care. Physiotherapy intervenes for many pathologies that are of muscular origin, respiratory, articular, …

To be covered by your health insurance for the physiotherapy care, the sessions must have been prescribed beforehand by a general practitioner and the prescription must be validated by the CNS. The reimbursement rate is 70% as a rule, except in certain cases where they will be reimbursed at 100%.

Luxembourgish Speech Therapist Association – ALO

Speech-language pathologists are responsible for diagnosing and treating difficulties in written and oral language and expressing themselves for children or adults. The most common disorders presented are lisp, stuttering, speech delays or any other difficulty related to writing or speaking.

The speech therapist profession is regulated in Luxembourg. Speech-language pathologists must have the necessary skills to practice (3 years of studies, bachelor level), with recognition of the original diploma by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. In addition, the practitioner must have the language skills to practice in Luxembourg with knowledge of the 3 official languages and to be a national of a European country or to be in good standing with immigration.

There is a Speech Therapy Center (Centre de Logopédie) in Strassen, under the supervision of the Ministry of National Education, Childhood and Youth.  It deals with children with speech and expression disorders. The children concerned can attend there primary Luxembourgish education, before being reintegrated into the normal school system when the disturbances have disappeared.

Psychological consultations

Mental Health Center

The Mental Health Centre offers psychological and psychiatric consultations by appointment for adults within the framework of the Ligue Luxembourgeoise d’Hygiène mentale (D’Ligue), which has been operating since 1956. 
This free service is offered to adults suffering from psycho-social disorders, depression, personality disorders, anxiety attacks… following a trauma or not. The objective is to keep patients in their usual environment and not to remove them from their environment by placing them in psychiatric centres. However, therapeutic accommodation may be made available.

You can also consult the site

Luxembourg Society of Psychology asbl

More than 300 psychologists and psychotherapists are present in Luxembourg. The Luxembourg Society of Psychology has been a member of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA) since 2001.
Since 2015, the profession of psychotherapist has been regulated in Luxembourg. It is now necessary to hold a master’s degree from the University of Luxembourg. In addition, the practitioner must understand the 3 official languages of the country and have a complete command of either German or French. See diploma recognitions.

If today the consultations with a psychologist or a psychotherapist are not reimbursed by the CNS, inquire with your complementary health insurance. Some support part of the costs.


The Psy-Jeunes service offered by the Luxembourg Red Cross provides psychological and psycho-therapeutic follow-up for young people between 12 and 21 years old (and their families). Young people and their families will find support here in the form of consultations with psychologists and psychotherapists. Emotional, emotional, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, family problems, sexual abuse, behavioural or eating disorders, … each of these symptoms or facts should not go unanswered. By creating the Youth Psychology Service, the Red Cross accompanies suffering young people and offers them psychological and psychotherapeutic follow-up. The help is concrete and benevolent and aims at a better mental health and long-term well-being.

Requests must be made either by calling 2755 or by contacting the ONE – Office National de l’Enfance.

Audio-phonological Services

The purpose of the audio phonological service in Luxembourg is to prevent, detect and treat hearing and language disorders, whether for children or adults. In Luxembourg, the prevention of hearing and language disorders is a major issue. It is estimated that there are about 60,000 people with hearing disorders in Luxembourg. For half of them, this disorder would be truly disabling.

It is essential to be able to detect hearing disorders in young children as early as possible. This will allow them to be better treated. So be careful if your child shows signs of ear pain or if he or she does not react to noises, even when sleeping in a quiet environment. Similarly, the sounds produced by your child must evolve according to his or her age. Stay aware and if in doubt, consult!

All consultations with the audio-phonological service are free of charge. In Luxembourg, the prevention of hearing and language disorders is a major issue. Audio screening is carried out from an early age, like newborns. Children are also screened in the classes of classes of Luxembourgish school system at cycle 1.2 (5 years) for hearing disorders and from the age of 2 and a half years for possible language disorders. Thereafter, support is provided to children and adults with speech, language and hearing disorders. Adults are also treated for all hearing disorders, including tinnitus problems.

Orthoptist services

The orthoptic service, located in Luxembourg-Hamm and Esch-sur-Alzette, is a state service responsible for visual screening of children from 10 months to 4 years old (up to cycle 1.2 of the Luxembourgish school) and the care of people suffering from visual disturbances. The acts performed by the orthoptic service are free and optional.
Orthoptic consultations are not a substitute for consultations with an ophthalmologist. In case of positive screening for a vision disorder, the orthoptist will advise you to consult an ophthalmologist.

Vision problems for elderly people. In case of narrowing of the field of vision, the orthoptic service can perform a low vision assessment on the basis of a prescription made by an ophthalmologist. A visual aid may be recommended to the dependency insurance on the basis of a medical report.

Contact : (+352) 247-75.678