Find a babysitter in Luxembourg, the promise of the bSit app

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The new bSit application promise to simplify the task of finding a baby-sitter in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. At the origin of the application Bsit, two young mothers who work full-time and were tired by the hussle of finding a babysitter at a wanted time.

How does bSit work for baby-sitting ?

Bsit connects parents and babysitters on the basis of different criterias : distance, commun network etc! The integrated “chat” and descriptive profile of babysitters allow users to get to know the person and facilitate therefore their choice.

Bsit highlights recommendations, user reviews and connections between them. The application is based on the principle that we rely mainly on the opinion of the people we know and trust. For Donatienne, one of the founders “simplicity and confidence are the essential factors of Bsit”.

Where to find BSit, baby-sitters app ?

The app can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store and Google Play.
The service is free of charge for the babysitters, while, parents, at the moment of booking,  pay the equivalent of 15 minutes of extra babysitting, whatever the duration of the babysitting is.

Another advantage of this application is payment via the app. “No more cash at the end of the evening, we wanted an automatic and secure payment and settlement system,” add the two moms.

A success story in Belgium for BSit

Born in Belgium a year ago under the name of airBsit, and renamed Bsit (pronounced “Bisit”), the application convinces and has already exceeded 100,000 users.

A success that quickly made him speak beyond the Belgian borders: in the Netherlands in February, in Luxembourg in March, in Paris in June and today in all major cities of France. “Bsit is a practical, fast and hopefully saving solution for parents,” explains Géraldine Biebuyck, the other founding mother, at the end of the year, with organization and good resolutions.

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