Enjoy the delicious galette des rois during the Epiphany

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« Dräikinneksdag » – The Epiphany or the celebrations of the  Kings

Tradition of the Twelfth night cake which marks the Epiphany on January 6th.
On the 6th of January, during the Epiphany, the traditional galette des rois is tasted in Luxembourg. Epiphany is a Christian celebration that takes place after the Christmas celebrations. It marks the homage of the three wise men to the baby Jesus after his birth.

However, the cake tasted on this day of the Epiphany would be rather of pagan origin. Often made from puff pastry and frangipane, this cake of kings contains a bean or a figurine. When bought in bakeries or shops, the cake is accompanied by a golden cardboard crown. The person who finds the bean in his piece of cake is entitled to the crown and becomes the king or queen of the day.

Unlike other European countries, the Epiphany is not a bank holiday in Luxembourg.

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