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Due to the death of H.R.H. Grand Duke Jean and the national mourning period until May 4, 2019, the Duck Race is postponed to Saturday, May 18, 2019. More information on the Facebook page.

On 27 April 2019 the 18th edition of the Duck Race will take place in Luxembourg. Sponsor a duck!
The Duck Race in Luxembourg is a good opportunity to enjoy spring days and to attend this fun and entertaining event with family or friends. Ducks race, various entertainment and regional cuisine will be offered, all for the good cause!

What is the Duck Race?

The Duck Race is a race of ducks on the Pétrusse river, but not just any ducks: plastic ducks! Each participant in the race buys a numbered ticket in order to sponsor one or more ducks (5 euros per duck) which will then be launched with thousands of others in order to win the race.

A friendly and fun moment coupled with a charity

If the event is very popular in Luxembourg because of its festive aspect, it is also very popular because of its solidarity aspect. Indeed, all the profits from the tickets purchased by the participants in the race are entirely donated to charitable associations*, including this year the Children’s Aid of India and Nepal, Rokku mi Rokka for the assistance of people with disabilities and Stiftung Kinderchirurgie, a foundation for paediatric surgery in medically developing countries.

A good reason to come and compete! Want to participate? All you have to do is go to the Duck Race website to buy a ticket.

A race with prizes to be won and entertainment

What rewards for the winners? Many big prizes are offered to the winners of the race, including a car for the happy sponsor of the first duck at the finish! While the prizes at stake are a good reason to come and participate in the Duck Race, the event is nevertheless interesting for visitors who just want to be spectators. From noon, the Duck Race will not only offer many activities for children but also catering based on local Luxembourgish dishes and drinks. The race starts at 3:00 p. m.

Many good reasons to come and compete! Do you want to participate? Buy your ticket on the website.

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*For this year 2019, 70,500 euros were donated to these 3 associations and each was given a cheque for 23,500 euros! 

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