Do you think about selling your property? Which elements should be taken into account?

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The experts from the real estate agency Engel & Völkers Luxembourg talk here about key elements when it comes to a real estate sale. The first step of a property sale is the determination of its value. This prerequisite is a key element in order to set up an efficient, targeted and personalized selling strategy. Of all the activities linked with a real estate sale, the valuation is definitely the most important step. Even more particularly within a promising but complex market such as Luxembourg.

What are the main elements of a real estate valuation?

• The estimation of the “market value” of the property
• The possible restoration works to be done to increase the property value
• The property advantages to spotlight (the geographic location, the accommodation itself etc…)
• The Luxembourg real estate market trends
• The offer and demand assessment
• The future prospects of the local real estate market

Then, following the valuation of a real estate, the property is commercialized.

What are the main steps to sell a property?

• Gathering the information about each potential buyer
• Fixing an appointment to meet the visitors
• Preparing a complete file about the property: ground floor plans, planning permissions, register of construction encumbrances, insurance policies, energy certificate, property taxes…
• Negotiating the price and appointing a notary to sign the contract.
• Following up with the after-sale service

Why commission the services of a real estate agent?

As you could see in the steps outlined above, a real estate sale in Luxembourg is not a straightforward matter. From the valuation of the selling price, through every step of the property marketing in the best possible conditions, to the sale completion: you should better leave nothing to chance. In Luxembourg, we advise you to consult real estate professionals, experts of their territory. Indeed, a real estate agent perfectly knows the local market, the commercial, legal and financial conditions linked to a real estate sale. Consulting a real estate expert will allow you to save your time, your money and your nerves.

The best way to sell one property in Luxembourg is through a qualified exlusive contract.

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