Diversity Day, the diversity Charter

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On May 10, the 3rd Diversity Day will take place in Luxembourg. The opportunity for new signatories to join this beautiful project, to promote diversity within companies!

Diversity values ​​to defend

In 2016 at the Diversity Day in Luxembourg, Just Arrived and 8 JAA Club ambassadors were present at the Mondorf-les-Bains Casino to sign the Diversity Charter, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere! The opportunity to exchange, but also to make beautiful meetings around a common theme: diversity.

To act for the diversity in the company is to recognize the difference of the other and to integrate different human profiles whatever the origins, the cultures, the generations, the sexes or the physical appearance, the handicaps, the sexual orientations …. These differences will create all the diversity and wealth of a company and / or a company.

Just Arrived is committed to diversity

In order to support the various actions implemented during the Diversity Day with the aim of promoting diversity in the world of Luxembourg companies, Just Arrived and its ambassadors have mobilized to make their contribution.

Indeed, each of them participated in the realization of a video based on Diversity. The goal ? Quote the first three words that evokes the theme! A collective and multicultural video that truly demonstrates how the concepts of Diversity and Sharing are key drivers for our team and our projects! Discover it below:

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