The city of Luxembourg offers a service for online administrative forms

Démarches administratives en ligne

Have you just arrived in Luxembourg, and are overwhelmed with all sorts of administrative procedures to do ? Would you like to fix everything from your place, without having to move ?

Indeed, on its website, Ville de Luxembourg provides a multitude of administrative forms online. You only have to fill them quietly from your place, without leaving your home. A real time saving when we know how the bureaucracy can sometimes be long, numerous and difficult when one moves to a new country !

Thanks to this service, the city makes all kinds of documents to fill out available : bus or sport subscription, forms relating to housing, employment, traffic, education, energy, health, urban planning, to the Bierger Center and other things ! For each document, an explanatory sheet is also provided to guide you at best in your formalities and avoid errors. Time gain, paper gain, displacement gain : what more ?

To have access to the various available forms online for Ville de Luxembourg, here’s the link.

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