Démarches administratives en ligne

Have you just arrived in Luxembourg, and are overwhelmed with all sorts of administrative procedures to do ? Would you like to fix everything from your place, without having to move ?

Documents of administrations and government departments

You can now request access to a number of administrative documents of the State services directly online from their website or via the common portal www.data.public.lu.

These documents, whether circulars, minutes or reports may be requested without any particular justification and in principle free of charge. Any document containing personal data may only be communicated to the person concerned.

Online administrative forms City of Luxembourg

Ville de Luxembourg provides on its website a multitude of online administrative forms. You only have to fill them quietly from your place, without leaving your home. A real time saving when we know how the bureaucracy can sometimes be long, numerous and difficult when one moves to a new country !

Thanks to this Internet service, the city makes available all types of documents to fill:

For each document, an explanatory sheet is also provided to guide you at best in your formalities and avoid errors.

To have access to the various available forms online for Ville de Luxembourg, here’s the link.

Time gain, paper gain, displacement gain : what more ? If you don’t live in Luxembourg city, ask your Commune, they might have the same online services.

More information about administrative procedures in Luxembourg

Need to translate official documents?